Alerts & Workflow

13181826_sThe right information — to the right people, and at the right time is critical to the success of your organization.

KnowledgeSync is an enterprise-wide Business Activity Monitoring application that combines business intelligence, alerts, and workflow to keep you on top of your business.

KnowledgeSync is an assistant who watches over your business, and warns you (and your staff) about conditions that require your attention. Conditions such as leads that haven’t been followed up on, stock items that require re-order, invoices that are overdue for payment, employees with expiring certifications and opportunities not followed-up on.

An assistant who takes care of repetitive business processes. Processes such as delivering client invoices and statements, assigning leads to salespeople, and distributing analytical reports to your staff.

An assistant who monitors incoming email and your website for requests, questions, and inquiries. Inquiries such as questions for your customer support staff, requests for product information, and registrations for class enrollments.

  • Alerts
  • Form/Reports Delivery
  • Workflow
  • Email Monitoring
  • Application Integration
  • Business Intelligence
  • EventPaks

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