Nashville, TN

April 30 – May 3

Thank you for joining Syncsite at the FOG Software User Conference and learning more about how we, and Infor CRM SLX, work perfectly with Friedman Frontier ERP (and others)!

Converge 2021

Syncsite is proud to present and support the FOG User Conference once again and showcase our services that provide immense value to our current Friedman clients. Our custom-built and cost-saving FrontierLINK, offers seamless integration with Friedman Frontier ERP and Infor CRM SLX.

How we provide solutions with FrontierLINK 

FrontierLINK from Syncsite provides seamless integration between your Friedman Frontier ERP system and the award-winning Infor CRM SLX solution and Syncsite. FrontierLINK leverages the transactional information in Friedman Frontier to present a comprehensive and detailed view of your customers’ businesses, their history with you and all open and pending transactions. It enables your sales, marketing and customer service teams to work within a powerful, user-friendly CRM system while still accessing sales history, order history and status, credit limits and terms and more. It’s a combination that will increase staff productivity, enhance your marketing efforts, improve your organization’s service levels and work on any device (fully mobile).


See below for some FrontierLINK testimonials

“Syncsite was an instrumental part of this project’s success. They have the experience and expertise that allows us to draw the greatest return from our CRM investment.”
Eric Shonebarger, President
Hit Promotional Products

“Before, when we needed sales data, it was a minimum of three days, or three-weeks,” Moore says. “Now, we can get the information in about three minutes!”
Jim Moore, Vice President of Enterprise Solutions

“Syncsite turned Infor CRM from a software application into a solution. We lean on them for advice and support and they never let us down.”
David Brown,
President and COO
ALP Lighting Components, Inc.

“Syncsite integrated our ERP and setup Infor CRM SLX perfectly and with almost no IT support. I’d definitely recommend them to anyone considering the solution and Spotfire and Check-in as well.”
Rick Williams,
VP of Sales

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