What is New in Infor CRM Version 8.5

Infor CRM’s latest release has some valuable upgrades for you

The new 8.5 features are:

  • 8.5 will include a project backup of the current CRM.
  • CRM model will be locked down – only CRM developers and bundles from CRM team can update.
  • All changes made by partners or customers will be stored separately from the base CRM.
  • Any changes or overrides to the base CRM (customizations) will be deployed in place of base CRM items.
  • Interaction with the CRM in AA will be seamless to the user. Items modified will be what is seen by the user, just as if they had modified the base item.
  • New feature in bundle manager will now allow you to easily bundle all that you have customized in a system. Does not require doing model or date comparisons
  • Changes to existing entities are tracked internally within that entity now.
  • Entity attributes are now tracked in an extension section. New properties are marked as custom.
  • New and improved widgets with auto adjusting width.
  • Ability to compare multiple data sets.
  • Infor CRM brought easy to build workflows in 8.4.04 with rich text editor and triggered alerts based on actions in the CRM.
  • 8.5 brings the ability to add an approval process within your workflow.

UI Design: The design adopts a new high-contrast, saturated palette for a more engaging user experience.

  • New icons
  • Larger fonts
  • Updated color palette
  • Enhanced readability

Click the image to the left for a larger view of the interface.

Forecasts and Quotas

Manage your team targets and pipeline

Forecast and quota management allows managers to set sales targets and teams to see their goals and associate opportunities to keep track of progress.

  • Forecast Management
  • Forecast Pipeline
  • Forecast Snapshot
  • Quota Management

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