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CornellCooksonClopayCornellCookson is a leading rolling door and grille manufacturer with facilities in Mountain Top, PA and Goodyear, AZ. The company produces custom closure solutions found in stadiums, hospitals, hotels and museums, along with a variety of facilities where reliability, security and life safety is vital.

ClopayCornellCookson is committed to providing high quality, domestically-manufactured solutions, and its brands have operated within the United States since 1828 and 1938. Products are sold through a network of more than 700 Cornell and Cookson dealer partners worldwide to ensure competitive pricing through equal and alternate brands.

To help ClopayCornellCookson improve its competitive edge, the company turned to Syncsite and the Infor CRM solution.

Below is our interview with Rick Williams, Vice President of Sales for the domestic global direct to market OEM and specialty units:

O: ClopayCornellCookson is highly respected in the industry; what do you attribute to that?

A: Since 1828 the company has been in business and Cornell Iron Works even had the pleasure of completing the staircases at the Statue of Liberty. The company has a rich history dedicated to quality and there has even been a couple of books written about their legacy.

Q: How has the merger with Clopay affected your business?

A: A lot more growth as we’ve just added another 100,000 square feet to our plant in Pennsylvania. It has opened up new markets and opportunities.

Q: What was the impetus for the move to a CRM tool?

A: We first started using Frontier ERP and saw how well Infor CRM connected to it. As a result, we decided to setup both at the same time. Unfortunately our entire IT team was working on the ERP project, so Syncsite had to handle everything related to the CRM and its integration with Frontier ERP on their own. This really allowed for us to determine what items were needed in which order and Syncsite was able deliver the CRM to best fit our requirements. Infor CRM became the source of truth for everything marketing and sales.

Q: Did you evaluate other CRM options? If so, which ones?

A: Salesforce and Dynamics.

Q: What departmental challenges had you been facing before implementing Infor CRM?

A: Having to figure out how to setup the CRM without much help from Cornell’s IT department made it extra challenging.

Q: What’s the biggest surprise you had once Infor CRM had been up and running?

A: Couldn’t get everyone internally to start as fast as we’d like them to for various reasons that had nothing to do with Syncsite or Infor CRM.

Q: How has ClopayCornellCookson’s employees reacted since utilizing Infor CRM?

A: Quite positive but have some departments that want customizations made just for them.

Q: How has ClopayCornellCookson’s management reacted since utilizing Infor CRM?

A: Generally positive and satisfied with the results.

Q: How has productivity improved since using Infor CRM?

A: It has improved quite a bit as each department is tracking various workflows and quotes. It has made ClopayCornellCookson more effective and efficient. Not necessarily faster, but getting better results for the effort.

Q: What processes have improved the most since implementing Infor CRM?

A: Tracking, QA, work flows, quoting and generally the entire sales process.

Q: How would you describe your experience working with Syncsite?

A: Overall very good; we’ve had really good guidance on new asks of the software.

Q: What advice would you give another company about implementing Infor CRM?

A: Without executive support, there will be a lot more challenges. Make sure you put in the time up front internally determining your specific needs and what you want the CRM to do for the company.

Q: Would you recommend Syncsite to another CRM prospect?

A: Definitely.

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