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As an award-winning gold partner for Infor, we’ve successfully integrated hundreds of CRM and ERP solutions. Talk to our experts today for a free review and determine how quickly you can improve your company’s sales automation, customer support, marketing and employee communications.

What to expect from your CRM review:

  1. Understand what requirements are needed
  2. Avoid mistakes and streamline the process
  3. Reach your business potential by determining top needs
  4. Analysis of your current systems for possible concerns
  5. Find out how fast the setup can take
  6. Define the roles of your user needs
  7. Clarify your needs verses wants
  8. Identify the goals of the solution
  9. Define what a successful solution looks like
  10. Receive a checklist to assist with internal planning


Fill out the form to request a review or call Bryan Marks 727.216.8062 to schedule or answer any questions.

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