Doug Gangi


Doug Gangi has spent over two decades in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software environment and its related solutions of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Business Intelligence (BI), FP&A and Marketing Automation (MA). Doug worked for Saleslogix (now Infor CRM), as one of their earliest employees. After his tenure at Saleslogix managing some of the company’s premier system implementations, the professional services group and OEM product development, Doug joined Strategic Sales Systems Inc. as Vice President of Professional Services – a role that had him manage key accounts and lead the consulting and technical services division of the company specializing in Saleslogix and various business intelligence products. He is now the newest partner at Syncsite with just over five years with the organization.

Mr. Gangi brings a plethora of software experience to Syncsite having worked for SalesLogix, the core of Infor CRM, and additional companies in the software space. He decided to join Syncsite because of the limitless opportunities he saw with the organization and his entrepreneurial drive to have the ability to really make a difference in people’s lives. He believes the reason for Syncsite’s long-term success is a result of the close working relationship he and his team have with the organization’s clients and Syncsite’s focus to ensure satisfaction above profits.

As the partner with the most frequent flier miles, Doug can often be found from city to city training customers at their offices and presenting Syncsite’s solutions throughout the US and Canada. Furthermore, he doesn’t believe you’ve found success until all parties feel they’ve received the best possible outcome. Doug’s integrity and honesty is what fosters his ability to connect with Syncsite’s customers and provide the critical link between being a true ‘partner’ over just providing another service.

On a side note, Mr. Gangi loves the outdoors and is mountain biking, snow skiing and cycling as much as possible. He has a wife and young daughter who has learned a lot about running a business through him. Doug even had a stint in acting and was a lead actor on a PBS series called Getting Away. Doug received his MS in Computer Information Systems at Arizona State University and works out of our Phoenix, Arizona office.

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