How to choose a CRM solution

Start with these important points


With hundreds of CRM options available, choosing the one that best fits your business can be a challenge. Simply comparing price doesn’t mean the most expensive CRM is the best option over the least; there are many variables to consider for companies, industries and CRM features. See below for our top suggestions for getting started researching a CRM solution.

Top Ten Points to Consider when Looking for a CRM:

  1. Audit your current processes and identify obvious needed improvements (make a list for every department).
  2. Recognize that knowledge is important. If you don’t know CRM, identify who on your team will take the lead to learn it somewhat and be the main vendor liaison.
  3. Give your CRM decision the resources it needs to succeed between money, staff and time.
  4. Make sure the decision team is comprised of management and end users across all departments. Almost everyone will use the CRM, and the earlier the buy in, the better the adoption and ROI.
  5. Choose a scalable system that will grow with your organization and integrate with your ERP system.
  6. It’s not just about the budget. Have some deep discussions with the vendors to judge fit, trust and comfort. Ask for references.
  7. Communicate on a regular basis between internal staff and the outside CRM vendors. Log your notes and create a spreadsheet for the team to use to keep track of questions and answers (easy to do once you have your CRM).
  8. Clarify what are your sales and contract needs, your customer service needs, project management needs, support ticket needs, marketing automation and email needs and anything else that could be affected by using a CRM solution.
  9. Set goals for making decisions or before you know it, you’ve spent six months of collecting data and realize you aren’t any closer to making a decision with your current year’s budget.
  10. Plan on spending roughly 20 percent of your CRM costs on training/setup in the beginning. Remember, the faster the team is trained and using the system, the quicker the overall adoption and ROI.


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