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Basic instructions on how to clear your cache on a mobile device


  • Delete all shortcuts
    • Bookmarks
    • Home-screen buttons
    • Links
  • Clear cache
    • Most of your users are using an iPhone
      • Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data
    • Open Safari (browser) and use the below link to access your mobile client
    • Once signed into mobile, I want you to sign into the crm settings and press each of the following twice (just to be sure it worked)
      • Clear Saved Credentials
      • Clear Storage



  • Settings > Privacy > Clear browsing data
    • Change “Clear data from the” = beginning of time
    • Select Clear Data


  • Settings > Privacy > Delete personal data
    • Make sure these are selected
      • Browsing history
      • Cache
      • Cookies and site data
    • Delete
  • Settings > Advanced > Manage website data > deleted.
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