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Infor CRM Xbar for Microsoft Outlook Resolved Issues

Infor CRM Xbar for Microsoft Outlook v1.3.9 contains the following resolved issues:

  • INFOR CRM-6192: Xbar limits Area/Category/Issue to the top 1000 records based on AreaCategoryIssueId.
  • INFOR CRM-17383: The Xbar display is unreadable on a 4k display.
  • INFOR CRM-18958: Recording an email to history and associating an opportunity changes the contact.
  • INFOR CRM-20236: The minimum attachment size in Xbar is not honored.
  • INFOR CRM-20579: Creating an opportunity in Xbar causes the owner to be everyone.
  • INFOR CRM-21073: Outlook Sync creates duplicate activities in particular scenarios.
  • INFOR CRM-21118: Outlook crashes when saving an appointment in a database with at least 70,000 opportunities.
  • INFOR CRM-21197: The following error displays when calendar invitations involve reoccurring meetings in Outlook: (Unknown Error in IMAPIFolder.CopyMessages(MESSAGE_MOVE): MAPI_W_PARTIAL_COMPLETION).
  • INFOR CRM-21468: Xbar times out for specific users using HTTPS (SSL).
  • INFOR CRM-21469: Outlook can be slow to open when Xbar is installed.
  • INFOR CRM-21541: Send to CRM/Record to CRM does not work in a Ming.le integrated environment.
  • INFOR CRM-21658: Completing an instance of a recurring activity is not functioning as expected.
  • INFOR CRM-21703: When completing the first occurrence of a recurring activity in Outlook it is ignoring “complete
    as scheduled” and using “completing now”.
  • INFOR CRM-21818: Add a column to the Duplicate records found dialog to designate whether the record is a
    Contact or a Lead.
  • INFOR CRM-21825: A follow-up activity scheduled through SData push is adding :NF to the subject.
  • INFOR CRM-21861: A new option for Send to CRM/Record to History enables the user to choose whether Xbar or the Infor CRM Windows Client processes the request.
  • INFOR CRM-21898: The Xbar uninstall can stop responding in certain cases.

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