Marketing Automation with InboxGuru

100% Native Marketing Automation For Infor CRM


InboxGuru is based on the premise of offering Infor CRM users a native email marketing and marketing automation solution that installs in minutes, is easy to learn and provides all the core benefits of a 3rd party marketing solution right inside of Infor CRM. Contact us today for a personalized consultation and see for yourself.

Top Ten Reasons to Use InboxGuru through Infor CRM:

  1. Natively built to work  inside of Infor CRM – use real-time CRM data
  2. Fully leverages the Infor CRM database for email lists and form fields
  3. No need for marketing to work in a disconnected, 3rd party  email tool
  4. All marketing activity pushed to contact and lead records history
  5. Create automated campaigns based on CRM data change/updates
  6. Send form fills to CRM database with notifications and auto responses
  7. Email lists based on Infor Dynamic and Ad-Hoc groups
  8. Support all merge fields from Infor CRM database
  9. Robust email editor and a dedicated support team
  10. Unlimited email sends
Inbox Guru


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