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100% Native Marketing Automation For Infor CRM


InboxGuru is based on the premise of offering Infor CRM users a native email marketing and marketing automation solution that installs in minutes, is easy to learn and provides all the core benefits of a 3rd party marketing solution right inside of the Infor CRM. Click here to see all the features of InboxGuru.

More: The strength of InboxGuru is that it is 100% native to Infor CRM. Because of this, we are able to view, in real-time, both the dynamic and ad-hoc groups, one of the major strengths of Infor CRM.

InboxGuru does not need to sync your contacts or leads. We are able to read your dynamic and ad-hoc groups and, more importantly, use the group’s layout fields for merging CRM data into email campaigns, driving personalization and highly relevant content to your CRM database. This critical feature also allows you to use CRM and its other modules such as ERP and Invoice to define a marketing list. Furthermore, InboxGuru is fully supported by a team of professionals so any question you may have will always be answered quickly and effectively!

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