Below are must haves with any Infor CRM deployment


Integrated systems are essential for accurate analytics, automating redundant tasks, and building sales and marketing alignment. Infor CRM includes all of its powerful sales and support features, and there are just a few additional items that really empower your users. Below are three must-have Infor CRM integrations based on our knowledge of the solutions and the experiences of our customers. Talk to us today for more details and/or about how easily we can help.

Infor CRM & InboxGuru

Adding InboxGuru to Infor CRM is the first step towards creating true sales & marketing alignment. InboxGuru works natively inside Infor CRM, so it shares any data used by CRM, and the teams that use that data are working in parallel. It makes sense to combine their information to pinpoint buyer personas, customer journeys, and brand engagement metrics and bring CRM, marketing and sales together.

Why is it a must-have integration?

If you’re looking to gain a competitive advantage from your sales and marketing efforts then integrating an industry-leading CRM like Infor with a marketing automation made just for Infor CRM is the way to go. Inbox Guru provides all the features you would expect and need, without the price of a solution like HubSpot. InboxGuru offers several major benefits:

  • Segmentation is streamlined when campaign lists from Infor are automatically updated in InboxGuru as data is used in real-time
  • Customer behaviors are easier to track as InboxGuru lead scoring is fed into Infor CRM
  • Analytics from forms, website visits, emails, and other customer engagement metrics informs new opportunities and focuses sales strategies
  • Duplicate data entry and duplicate efforts are eliminated through data transparency and aligned processes
  • Form submissions are sent into Infor CRM along with notifications to team members

What information is being shared for campaigns?

Both contact and lead data can be shared with InboxGuru for campaigns and permissions for any group in contacts or leads can be turned off or on at any time. Campaigns can be sent from a single employee or one campaign can be sent on behalf of the entire sales team based on the account manager for each contact or lead.

  • Contacts, leads or InboxGuru personal lists can be utilized with or without personalization
  • Forms and surveys can flow right into Infor CRM as well as InboxGuru
  • Website intelligence from recipients opening an email or visiting a web page will flow into the users history in Infor CRM
  • Assets likes PDFs or Video URL’s can be measured with user history being captured inside Infor CRM
  • Events can be promoted, monitored and measured with each interaction sending to the user record in CRM for quick view

Infor CRM & InsideView

Syncsite has partnered with InsideView to deliver data when and where you need it – inside Infor CRM or stand-alone through the InsideView client. InsideView for Sales lets you find more of the right leads, engage with them on a deeper level, and win more deals—all faster and easier than ever. Get more accurate prospect data (names, numbers, email, etc.), relevant and impactful business insights, and the right social connections to put you in front of the right contacts.

Why is it a must-have integration?

InsideView for Sales is built on the InsideView Market Intelligence Platform to provide the most accurate and complete data available. InsideView Market Intelligence offers three areas of contact and customer information: data you can trust, insights that help you engage buyers, and business connections that give you a warm introduction. Leveraging over 30,000 information sources and using our proprietary and patented MTV (Multi-sourced, Triangulated, and Validated) techniques, InsideView is up to 20% more accurate than other commercial data sources and works natively inside Infor CRM.

  • Quickly build a robust list of qualified prospects from our database of companies and contacts, even if you have incomplete or incorrect data
  • Target your list with custom filters based on business insights so you can engage with a relevant and valuable message
  • Focus on the prospects who have recent and compelling business events for better engagement and higher close rates
  • Be alerted to business insights that give you compelling reasons to reach out to prospects, such as company expansions, leadership changes, relocations, acquisitions, and financial updates
  • See relationships that are aggregated across multiple social networks and contact databases to give you the most complete view of your connections

What information is being viewed?

InsideView works natively inside Infor CRM and aggregates all of its business and contact data from over 40,000 sources that is verified by internal employees and users of the system. InsideView’s accuracy rate compared to Zoominfo is 92 percent compared to Zoom’s 79 percent. All data is viewed inside Infor CRM and easily be added when a contact is found that should be marketed to.

  • Contact names, email addresses, direct lines, LinkedIn profiles and more
  • Company financial data, industry info, family tree and more
  • Competitors for each company
  • Types of software/hardware used by each company
  • News, bog, social media and more

Infor CRM and Microsoft Office 365 Calendar

A seemingly simple integration, but one that comes with some major benefits, is the integration between Infor CRM and a Microsoft Office 365 calendar. Connecting these solutions allows sales teams to spend less time trying to prioritize appointments, and more time closing deals.

Why is it a must-have integration?

Integrating your Office 365 calendar with Infor CRM reveals a new level of proactive sales. This integration is a must-have because it’s minimal, but highly effective for sales teams looking to improve organization and enjoy the convenience of calendar access from their CRM. Integration between your Infor CRM and Office calendar helps sales teams by:

  • Pushing meetings from Infor to Office 365 calendar
  • Allowing sales reps to review tasks from the calendar within their Infor instance
  • Making details from the calendar accessible in Infor for quick reference and prioritization
  • Allowing the user to view completed tasks to compare their progress against a goal

What information is being shared?

An integration between Infor CRM and a Microsoft Office 365 calendar would look something like this:

  • Infor CRM Events  Office 365 Calendar
  • Infor CRM Tasks  Office 365 Calendar
  • Infor CRM Meetings  Office 365 Calendar
  • Infor CRM Activities  Office 365 Calendar

The major events, tasks, meetings, and activities from Infor are easily accessible within the Office 365 calendar, so no matter which system the sales reps are working in, they know the information reflected is correct.

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