Top five benefits of CRM for manufacturing companies

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CRMs are known to improve customer retention, by as much as 27%. In fact, no matter what your industry, no matter what kinds of products or services you offer, your customers are the single most valuable asset of your organization. In order to help manufacturing companies understand the importance of CRM, below is a list of reasons why manufacturers should adopt a CRM solution now.

Top five benefits of CRM for manufacturing companies:

  1. A CRM solution is aimed at helping manufacturers cut the time required to develop a product or service. The tool enables more accurate demand forecasting along with enhanced production information. By adapting faster and acting smarter, organizations can get products to market before their competitors, thus gaining a competitive edge.
  2. Manufacturing organizations focus on producing high-quality products consistently and efficiently. Defective products will not only ruin the brand image but also result in unhappy customers (and will lead to a reduction in sales and revenue). With a well designed CRM in place, your organization can gather and analyze data from multiple sources and figure out process errors in real-time that contribute to product defects.
  3. Customer experience is one of the leading factors of successful sales. If you are looking for software that will help you boost sales, then a CRM solution is the right decision. It works as follows: a CRM system collects information about your customers and leads, – having a 360-degree view of them to help predict their buying behavior and preferences. With CRM, your team will have all the information they need to successfully close the deal as it will help you learn everything you need to know about your customer requirements.
  4. CRM software is a valuable marketing tool to gain more customers. It allows marketing and sales departments for making detailed reports, taking into consideration customers’ behavior. It also enables customer support team help the customers instantly, providing valuable insights that help improve product quality and operation processes. As a result, the solution accelerates business operations, increases profits, and lowers cost.
  5. By integrating with your ERP, double entry of orders is eliminated and product and/or accounting data can be shared across both solutions and seen and/or edited in either solution depending on the permissions setup.


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