Top Ten (plus one) Reasons to Choose Infor CRM

100% ERP Integration with Infor CRM


Infor CRM can be integrated with your ERP system and provide you with immediate improvements in internal and external communications and operations. Take advantage of all the measurable business improvements and find out just how quickly the Infor CRM partner of the year can help! Contact us today for a personalized consultation and see for yourself.

Top Ten (plus one) Reasons to Choose Infor CRM:

  1. Ownership and control of your CRM system and data.
  2. Superior mobile and tablet support so your users stay productive anywhere AND with complete Outlook integration.
  3. Easy usability and intuitive functionality enhances productivity of your team.
  4. Industry-leading integration capabilities for a 360° view of your customers.
  5. State-of-the-art technology platform for purpose-built applications to help ensure maximum ROI for your business.
  6. Reporting and analytics solutions enable actionable insights from your customer information.
  7. Multiple deployment options—cloud, on-premise, or hybrid—to fit your IT strategy.
  8. Advanced customization capabilities to tailor the application to your unique environment.
  9. Flexible license and payment options to suit your financial needs.
  10. Global ecosystem of partners, developers, and customers support your CRM success.
  11. For over 20 years, our priority is ensuring the best CRM solution is delivered and we’ll provide the references to prove it!


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