Jeff Kyker


Jeff Kyker has spent over 20 years in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software environment and its related solutions of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Business Intelligence (BI), FP&A and Marketing Automation (MA). As one of the founders of Syncsite, Mr. Kyker took his four years of service in the Marines and five years at AHT and helped develop Syncsite into the software solutions leader it is today. Jeff’s experience in analysis, design, development and implementation of integrated systems for a wide variety of applications in the government and commercial sectors made him a natural fit to lead Syncsite’s development team.

While employed at AHT, Jeff implemented SalesLogix and quickly saw the need for a knowledgeable solutions partner and an opportunity to be part of an emerging company. He left to start Syncsite in 1999 with two former partners who have since been replaced with the current leadership team of Nick Kyriazis and Doug Gangi. The name, ‘Syncsite’ actually came from the original software having to ‘sync’ with remote employees from the on-premise server or ‘site.’

Mr. Kyker is proud to have helped develop the family oriented environment that has numerous employees with multiple years of tenure. Jeff believes the company has enjoyed success because of the level of service provided to each and every client. In addition to that, his ability of being a successful ‘ring master’ of managing multiple clients comes from his ability to listen closely to what both his employees and customers are saying on a daily basis and forming the proper action plans.

While actual heights may bother him, he loves the challenge that owning your business provides by being able to set your own business goals and having no one responsible for how high you go but you. Mr. Kyker believes that the formula for a successful entrepreneurship comes from working harder and longer than others, but ultimately smarter as one has to always be evaluating the business processes and protocols.

On a side note, Jeff is a health nut and loves the ocean and fishing. He is married with grown children and loves to cook (just don’t ask for any Ranch dressing). Jeff is a graduate of Mississippi State University and if he hadn’t gotten into business, he would have stayed with the Marines and ‘retired’ as a boat captain.

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